Meet the Bobbi’s

Bobbi | Founder

Bobbi is a legend in the pole industry. She opened Australia’s first pole studio in 2004 and paved the way for pole dancing as a structured form of fitness globally. A master teacher and choreographer, her skills have had her travelling the globe for over a decade.

She has an early background in jazz ballet, followed by a lengthy professional career in cabaret shows in Japan, finally turning her passion to the exotic dance Industry where she entertained for over 15 years.

Bobbis Gold (Sydney) is her passion project and baby. She loves nothing more than sharing her beautiful space and choreography with the pole dancing community. Many of the Perth pole routines are her work.

Priska | Teacher

Priska fell in love with pole dancing at Bobbi’s in 2005. She went on to win the first ever Miss Pole Dance WA competition and performed in many cabaret pole shows across Perth.

She has a background in artistic gymnastics and her style of pole dancing is traditional like Bobbi herself. Priska’s focus is on sharing her love for pole and helping her students become confident pole dancers.

Sasha | Teacher

Sasha a background in classical and contemporary dance having graduated WAAPA with a Bachelor of Dance Honours in 2018, and recently was awarded 1st Runner Up in the National Australian Pole Championships Amateur Division 2022. 

She is known for her high energy classes and enjoys being able to share her knowledge on technique and creating beautiful lines as well as a joy for dance with Bobbis students.

Stevie | Teacher

Stevie started pole dancing in 2014 as a way to keep fit and ever since then she has been addicted! Over the past 9 years Stevie has fallen in love with the performance side of pole dancing, competing in multiple competitions over the years and adoring the creative side of bringing a routine and performance to life. 

Stevie loves being able to provide a warm, caring and energetic environment for her students and ensuring they are enjoying their pole journey just as much as she still does.

Emma | Teacher

Emma is one of our Bobbi’s OGs, starting pole dancing as a student in 2006; a love affair that continues to burn! Emma has performed professionally at various local events and competed at a state and national level placing first runner up over 3 consecutive years (2009-’11). 

Emma’s greatest joy, these days, is creating choreography and nurturing up and coming pole addicts through her patient, gentle teaching style.

Ella | Teacher

Ella has been pole dancing since 2015. She has since competed and won various competitions and for as long as she can remember, there is nothing she adores more than the elements of strength, flexibility, fluidity and beauty that pole dancing is able to combine

London | Teacher

London has been addicted to pole ever since her first spin in 2010! She is known for her mesmerising, slinky movements and specialises in exotic pole, floorwork and flexibility training. She loves sharing the wealth of knowledge she has gained throughout her years and helping her students build confidence in themselves, feel good and get fit while having lots of fun! 

Skye | Teacher

Skye is a skilled pole dancing instructor with 15 years of dancing experience at Bobbi’s. She has a passion for teaching and great attention to detail. Her teaching philosophy centres around supporting her students to grow stronger and more confident, at every level.

Skye’s beautiful lines and strong, graceful dance style couples with her love for exotic style dance and tricks. She is forever inspired by, and continues to learn from, her peers.

Kristina | Teacher

Kristina is an enthusiastic pole dancer who is passionate about the exotic style. She loves nothing more than expressing herself through dance and has a particular fondness for the sensual and evocative movements that the exotic style is known for. In addition to being a skilled performer, Kristina is also a kind and supportive member of the pole dancing community. She is always willing to lend a hand to her fellow dancers and is known for her positive attitude and encouraging spirit.

Camille | Teacher

Camille is known for her smooth lines and ridiculous strength, whether it’s sexy and slow or hard and fast.

Camille has a strong performance style, having competed in pole dancing since 2013 and winning Miss Pole Dance Western Australia in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019 and 2022.

She started pole dancing in 2012 and has been teaching at Bobbi’s Pole Studio since 2014. She loves static pole and exotic style and outside of pole is a full time lawyer. Spilling with knowledge, she breaks the moves down in a warm way that’s easy to digest and then master.

Eryn | Teacher

Eryn is a passionate pole dancer who has been training for 15+ years. She has a particular love for the Bobbi’s style and has honed her skills as a performer over time.

In addition to being an accomplished dancer, Eryn is also a dedicated teacher who has been sharing her knowledge and experience with students for many years. Her lines are beyond exquisite, and she will teach you to float with ease around the pole.

Eryn is one of the kindest, most caring instructors you could ever come across, her infectious energy is always passed on to students. Her hard work and passion for pole dancing is evident in everything she does.

Dalia | Teacher

Dalia started her pole journey in 2014 and has been a full-time instructor since 2015. Her passions are contortion and coaching her students to succeed from their first Kate Moss to Spatchcock on the professional stage.

Since becoming an instructor, she has also competed; as Professional Finalist in the WA Pole Championships in 2017, and since 2016 as a Miss Pole Dance Western Australia Professional State Finalist and placed Runner Up in

Dalia is renowned for her bass heavy warmups and can’t wait to meet you!

Ruby | Teacher

Ruby previously had no dance background when she began her journey over a decade ago. From student to teacher to choreographer to competitor and now a professional showgirl.

Ruby loves everything about the art of Pole Dancing. Known for her sexy routines, dynamic tricks and effortless flow, she is no stranger to freestyle. She encourages and inspires her students to find their own style and enjoy their journey.

Join Ruby for classes/private lessons and experience a hands on, knowledgeable and caring teaching style with loads of encouragement.

Mel Grace | Teacher

Mel Grace is well known for her technique, strength, and flow as an experienced instructor at Bobbi’s Pole Studio. Mel enjoys exploring all styles of pole from emotive lyrical dance through to hardstyle exotic pole. 

She has represented WA competing on both national stages of the Australian Pole championships and Miss Pole Dance Australia; crowned the Professional Australian Pole Champion of 2018. Mel adores coming into the studio to help her students master their pole moves and nurture their growth as dancers.

Our Classes

Specialising in pole dancing classes from beginners through to advanced, sexy floorwork, exotic, lap dancing, splits and flexibility and conditioning classes.

Our curriculum has been expertly designed not only to build fitness and strength, but to foster both mental and physical development in our welcoming and friendly community.

We’re so proud of our beautiful space and the people who frequent it and can’t wait to welcome you.

$15 Beginner Trial Classes

Available the first 3 weeks of each term. Bookings essential!