Whether you’ve got a hens night, birthday party, divorce party, corporate event or just a general girls night out, it is lots of fun at Bobbi’s! Our fabulous instructors will show you some pole moves to incorporate into a choreographed routine with plenty of times for cool photos on the stage. The teacher will also put on a short show to show you what pole dancing is all about.


To Book

Call the Studio on (08) 9227 1993 to reserve a session! We book out quite a way in advance so please book in early. You need to confirm your booking with a Credit Card number or by paying a $245 Cash deposit. We will immediately charge the payment for 1 person ($35) to the credit card (just to check it works and that amount will be deducted from the final price on the night) then we won’t touch the card unless you cancel, in which case we charge a $200 cancellation fee. There is a minimum charge of $245 – so it’s fine if you have less than 7 people but the cost is for a minimum of 7.